How To: Use the Calendar Effectively

How To Use the Calendar Effectively

The best way to use the calendar effectively is to consistently enter your availability. This way, when a customer calls to schedule an appointment, the person booking the appointment will be able to see the availability of all their salespeople and installers. You are not limited to adding appointments with customers; the best way to make use of the calendar is to enter the dates and times of whenever you will be unavailable (this includes doctor appointments, family priorities, etc.)


Add Appointment Types:

  • In the Portal, on the left-side menu, find My Business.
  • In the drop-down menu, click Customize.
  • In the top right corner of this screen, click the blue button that reads Add New Appointment Type
  • Enter whatever name you want to give this new appointment type
  • Click Update


Block Off an Entire Day:

  • We find that the best way to do this is to create a customer and name them: Out of Office, Vacation, etc.
  • In the Calendar, click on the day that you want to block off.
  • Click on the time (The time you choose does not matter unless you are only blocking out part of the day.)
  • To create a new “customer”, click on the New Customer icon (silhouette of a person with a plus sign).
    • Name the customer whatever you would like to call this out-of-office block.
    • Assign the customer to any salesperson.
    • In the Ship To/Jobsite field, enter in your work address.
    • Enter your work phone number and email.
    • It does not matter what you enter or select in any other required fields.
    • Click Submit.
  • Now that you have created this “customer” to block off time, you can create an “appointment”.
  • Enter the time you will be out, and the duration (in hours) of how long you will be out of office.
  • Use whatever appointment type is appropriate.
  • In the Notes field, enter your reason for being out of office.


How To Create a Recurring Appointment:

  • Enter all of the appointment details as you normally would.
  • Below the date field, click the Set Repeat Appointment.
  • In the Repeat Appointment box that pops up, enter the start and end dates for this recurring appointment.
  • In the Repeat On field, select the frequency of which this appointment will repeat.
  • In the notes, enter the reason for the recurring appointment.
  • Click Done.
  • In the field that pops up, select whether you want this setting to apply to all recurring appointments or just this one.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Add.


MyBlindCo Tips and Tricks:

  • Create a customer for each of your employees.
  • When they will be out of the office, have them use themselves as customers to create appointments.
  • To keep track of their time out of office, click on Contacts.
  • From their contact, you can find all of their appointment history and the days they were out of office.


If you found this article about how to use the calendar effectively helpful, you may benefit from our article about how to create appointments in the MyBlindCo App:

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