No internet? No problem.

Quote Offline and On-Site, From Your iPad.

MyBlindCo is the easiest, and most convenient, way to create professional quotes offline, from wherever you are! Our system is intuitive, user-friendly, and has quoting rules in place to ensure that all of your quotes are accurate. Don't waste time trying to learn a complicated system with bells and whistles you'll never use. MyBlindCo has everything you need, simplified.

All too often, we find businesses who wait until after they reach the office to get a customer sign-off. Not anymore.

With MyBlindCo, you don't need to have an internet connection or data plan to land the job. Create quotes while offline at the customer's home!

Land the job by creating and emailing the customer a quote before you've even left their home!

Go paperless by managing all of your quotes from your iPad or tablet... No more customer folders and banker boxes!

Access MyBlindCo from all of your devices.

MyBlindCo is Cross Platform

Bring your CMS with you wherever your clients are. Have complete access at your fingertips. Make informed decisions on the go.

Access MyBlindCo from your desktop or laptop through the browser version.

Access MyBlindCo on your iPad or tablet through the app.

Never miss another Estimated Time of Arrival again.

One-Click Mapping and Directions

Ensure your contractors are on time, 100% of the time.

Never type an address in your GPS again.

Get directions directly from the app.

Connect MyBlindCo to your favorite mapping service! Apple maps, Google maps, and more!