MyBlindCo Enterprise

From the creators of the world's leading in-home quoting software for the window treatment industry, a new offering...

Enterprise - Software For Manufacturers

    Stop spending hours manipulating data on an Excel spreadsheet…
    With MyBlindCo Enterprise, what used to take you an hour will take only 30 seconds!

    MyBlindCo has the fastest set up time in the industry -
    Be up and producing pick tickets, cut sheets, and labels within days, not months.

    Retailers can enjoy MyBlindCo’s seamless in-home quoting.
    You’ll enjoy seeing their orders sent directly into your Enterprise manufacturing portal,
    where you can produce pick tickets, cut sheets, labels, and more!

    Increase efficiency on the production floor by 30-50%

    Pick Ticket

      Choose your type of pick ticket: Paper or electronic. Find every part needed for your entire order - Create a shade or blind in one simple, easy-to-read format. Print or digitally check-off as you complete each step in your manufacturing process. MyBlindCo Enterprise is capable of linear and parallel production formats, so whether you are a one-man operation or a team that manages different aspects of the process, MyBlindCo Enterprise is the solution you have been looking for.

      Cut Sheet

      Line-by-line detail with notes, and every component you need to create your products. Enjoy a simple format that allows you to print or digitally check off products, automatically reducing inventory as you go.

      If you choose to print, the inventory is reduced once the Cut Sheet or Pick Ticket is created. If you choose to check off products within the software, simply check the box on the Cut Sheet from your iPad, Android, or laptop.

      Experience unprecedented control over your inventory, and a transparent manufacturing process.

      Never run out of a part ever again; Set an inventory number and the software alerts you that it has reached the reorder limit. Receive an email with a link to a pre-made PO, set up for reorder.

      Currently available: Roller, Banded, Honeycomb, and Vertical Blinds.

        Coming Soon: Plantation Shutters.


            All the information you need to make your blinds, shades, or shutters with as many label copies as you like. Typically, we have 3 labels for the first tube of each line: one for the tube, one for the cassette, and one for the box. The same is true for honeycomb and banded shades. Vertical blinds have all the information you need for clear and concise manufacturing.

            Product Configurator

              Complete Product Configuration in 30 minutes from scratch and in just 5 minutes if it’s a copy!

              All product configurations are validated before pick ticket, cut sheet, and labels can be produced.


                No more industry standard deductions. You set your own and can change them whenever you want with the click of a button.

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                What sets MyBlindCo Enterprise apart?

                  Rules-based manufacturing software that is easy to navigate & makes tracking orders seamless.
                  You have the option to experience an entirely paperless business management solution. 
                  Inventory Management is coming soon!
                  We build your BOM so you do not have to.

                  Inventory Management

                    The inventory management component of MyBlindCo Enterprise is a clean, simple inventory management tool that will notify you as your inventory gets low, based on minimums that you set. By using the part number, we can track and create a PO for the parts as you need them. You will receive an email telling you that the part needs to be reordered, and the preset buy amount will show on the purchase order. Then, you can confirm the PO and send it to the component provider, choose to modify the quantity, or if you stopped using that part, you can switch the part order hold.

                    This will leave the part active in your BOM, or you can delete it so it no longer appears after you have used up the available inventory. We currently have most Rollease and Vertilux products in a database that is available to you as you build your products in the configurator - Don’t waste your time entering parts. For the parts that you do need to enter, it takes less than a minute to enter a new part as long as you have the manufacturer information.

                    The Inventory Management consists of two main elements.

                    Element 1 - The Parts List: This is where good data begins. Enter your parts with the correct information once, and you are done. From this point forward, you can use the part to create Cut Sheets, Pick Tickets, and Labels!

                    Element 2 - The Inventory Tab: The work required in the inventory tab is simple as well - Enter your current inventory as you go. For each job that uses a new component, add it to your inventory. If you have a robust inventory on an Excel spreadsheet, we can enter it into the system for you. The manufacturing portal can be set up in a day for most single products, and you can begin producing Cut Sheets, Pick Tickets, and Labels!

                    Blinds, shades, and banded shades take approximately one working day to get up and running. Shutters take two to three days. Most products will be ready for manufacturing just 24 hours after the product is turned on in the software. Special products - such as a roller shade with or without cassette, cord loop or motorized with remotes - can be created and be in production in one day. We work alongside you throughout the setup process, and test the products as we go.

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