Close More Jobs, More efficiently.

Quote In-Home & Offline

    Don't wait to get back to the office. Create quick, easy, accurate quotes while on-site, and see how many more jobs you land.

    Don't worry about purchasing a data plan for your iPad or searching for an internet connection while on-site; MyBlindCo is the only stand alone app in the industry where you can create a quote and convert it to an order - completely offline!

    One time data entry of your customer data. Push a button to create an accurate, professional quote you can present to the customer in their home. Go paperless. Make fewer mistakes. Improve your close ratios. Get your staff trained quicker.

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    Make payments a breeze for your customers, and for you!

    MyBlindCo Pay

      Receive and process payments through MyBlindCo, immediately after creating the order! Have customers type in their credit card number, or pay via your credit card reader - chip, tap, swipe!

      Or, send an E-Invoice to customers - They receive an email with the invoice, and an invitation to sign and pay!


      Workflow Manager

        With the push of a button, get directions to the customer's house on your favorite mapping service.

        Create Quotes in-home, and offline. Increase your sales by closing before you've even left the customer's home.

        Submit and track Orders with detailed, automated order statuses.

        Send Purchase Orders (POs) directly to manufacturers.

        Schedule the Installation, and give installers all the details they need.

        Create a Repair ticket.

        Track your success by using the detailed Reports on: Sales, Marketing, Customers and Lead Management.


        CRM and Calendar

        Categorize and manage all of your contacts with tabs for Customers, Leads, Builders, Decorators, and Vendors.

        Full service appointment calendar suite with To-Do list and compatibility with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars.

        Create appointments for every type you need (Sales/Demo, Measurement, Installation, Meeting, Vacation, and more)

        Generate and Manage Leads

        Lead Management

          Using our contact tab specifically devoted to Leads, you are better able to manage your existing leads and better able to convert them into customers.

          Assign leads to salespeople.

          With Lead tab statuses, you can keep track of where each of your leads are in the lead management process: Assigned, First Contact, Second Contact, Appointment Scheduled, and Quoted.

          With MyBlindCo's lead management features, you won't forget about your leads. If a lead sits in any status for more than 3 days, it will turn orange, and then red, to signal that special attention should be paid to this lead.

          Watch your lead convert into a customer... literally! Once a quote has been converted to an Order, the lead will automatically change into a Customer and be removed from the Lead tab.

          Integrate with my5starz to easily stay in contact with your leads through text and email.

          Manage, market, and generate reviews that get you to the top!

          Integration with my5starz

            Save time, effort, and money by bringing all of your existing customers & leads within the MyBlindCo app, into your my5starz account.

            Click on a contact in MyBlindCo, and automatically be taken to the my5starz inbox, where you can text, email, or send review/ referral/ survey requests!

            Manage existing leads and attract new ones.

            Amplify your reviews and watch your company move up on the Google Map Pack.

            Use the latest advancements in technology to optimize your placement in the Google Map Pack - It's as easy as snapping a picture.

            Watch your business boom online, while being entirely hands off, by taking advantage of my5starz Social Media and SEO package features.

            No more mess and no more stress. Make your job easier!


              Don't wait to get to the office; create professional quotes without an internet connection!

              Close your jobs efficiently with on-site quoting, ordering, & customer sign-off.

              MyBlindCo is cross-platform. Use these features on the browser version on your laptop or desktop, and the App on your iPad or tablet!

              Connect all the apps and software you already use.

              Intuit® Quickbooks & Zapier Integration

                Transfer orders directly into Quickbooks Online or Desktop with a couple clicks. No more double entry and retyping, saving you hours of work so you can better manage your business.

                Optimize your work by bringing all of your most used apps and software into MyBlindCo through Zapier integration.

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