How To: Use the Line Grouping Feature

How to: Use The Line Grouping Feature

This feature is ideal for those who want to provide subtotals within the quote. Say you had a customer that wanted to know how much it would cost to do just the basement – The line grouping feature makes this easy!

To begin, activate the Line Grouping feature in the MyBlindCo Portal.

  • In the MyBlindCo Portal on your computer browser, click My Business in the menu on the left side of your screen. This will open a drop-down menu. In this drop-down menu, click Company Profile.
  • Find the section for “Number of Quote Line Groups” and enter a number up to 10. Click Save.
  • Synchronize your app to use this feature within the MyBlindCo app.

Create a Line Group

  • Create a new quote.
  • At the top of the screen, under Customer Name & to the right of Room, there is a drop-down field that says G0. This is how you create a group.
  • Enter the room name and select a group number to create a group. Fill out the quote as normal, add lines, and click Save.
  • This information will be present on a PDF for you to show your customer when you select Share & Print.

If you found this article about how to use the Line Grouping Feature helpful, you may benefit from our article about how to use our line item discount feature:

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