How To: Change Ship To Location

How To: Change the Ship To Address in MyBlindCo

In this tutorial, Audra McGrath will teach you how to change the ship-to location when you send purchase orders to manufacturers in MyBlindCo. This makes it easy to change the address your shipment will be sent to, if you wanted to send the package to the customer’s home, or any other alternative location.

  • Open the Purchase Order tab.
  • Open the specific Purchase Order you wish to edit.
  • Find the Ship To drop down.
  • The Ship To will automatically default to your business address (Default). To change this, follow the directions below.
  • Click the Ship To dropdown arrow and select either Client or Others.
  • If you click Client, the system will change Ship-To address to your customer’s address. If you click Others, Ship-To will initiate a pop-up in which you can enter the alternate address.
  • After successfully changing the address, click Save.

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