How To: Set Arrival Time Window in MyBlindCo

You asked, we delivered! The arrival time window feature is finally here. Historically, when you add an appointment using the MyBlindCo calendar, you could only specify the duration of the appointment. However, with the arrival window feature, you can now let your customers know between what times they can expect you to arrive.

How to Create an Arrival Time Window:

  • In the Portal, navigate to the My Business tab on the side menu, then click Customize in the dropdown.
  • Scroll down to find the Arrival Window field (beneath the Signature field).
  • Clicking on the Arrival Window field brings up a dropdown menu, from which you can select an arrival time window that is applied company-wide.
  • The amount of time you select will become the default Arrival Window. However, you can change this on the fly as needed.
  • Click the Update button in the top right corner.

How to Change the Default Arrival Time Window When Creating Appointments in the App:

  • In the MyBlindCo app, begin to create an appointment as you normally would.
  • In the appointment information on the right side of the screen, find the Arrival Window field. This will default as your pre-selected arrival window. However, you have the ability to change it here as you need.
    • Please note: This will not permanently change the arrival window. To do so, you must change it in the Customize tab within the portal.
  • After you finish creating this appointment, your customer will be emailed an appointment confirmation. Within this email, the arrival window will appear beneath the Date.


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